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English language

  • English Language Issues  Articles written by Paul Doherty (Forum poster)

  • Interactive site from the BBC

  • Authorities for apostrophe in abbreviations Paul Doherty (Forum poster)

  • Using apostrophes with capital letters  Paul Doherty (Forum poster)

  • Guide to word origins
         English words derived from Latin and Greek sources

  • World Wide Words Michael Quinion
         Most of the pieces on this site are about English words and phrases — what they mean, where they came from, how they have evolved, and the ways in which people sometimes misuse them. A few others concern issues of grammar, style and punctuation.

  • Queen’s English Society With acknowledgement to John Richards, Chairman of the Apostrophe Protection Society.Dedicated to promoting and upholding the use of good English.

  • Common Errors in English With acknowledgement to John Richards, Chairman of the Apostrophe Protection Society.Many English words and their abuse. Also useful Links to related sites

  • The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language David Crystal


  • Links for word lovers Di (Forum poster)

  • The Times Online – Word Watching Di (Forum poster)

  • The PhrontisteryTwoddle (Forum poster)
  • English word lists and language resources

  • Verbivore Online LexiconVerbivore (Forum poster)
  • A dynamic, specialist collection of words, terms, and expressions associated with writing, editing, grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, prepress, printing, publishing, and the technologies employed in these processes – in company with some frequently misused words and common malapropisms.

    Grammar guides

  • Some rules of writing   Junket Studies

  • Daily Grammar with large archive

  • Judy Vorfeld’s Web Grammar

  • Grammar Monster Software   submitted by Anthony (Tony)

  • How the past affects the future: The story of the apostrophe   Christina Cavella and Robin A. Kernodle    linked from Twoddle

  • The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language   David Crystal

  • Guide to Grammar and Style   Jack Lynch

  • Write101 With acknowledgement to John Richards, Chairman of the Apostrophe Protection Society.
         A broad-based, chatty link about grammar, including a section on saving the apostrophe

  • Guide to Grammar produced by the Writing Centre at the University of Ottawa   discovered by Twoddle (Forum poster)

  • Other subjects

  • Frequently Asked Questions
        This Wiki has been set up to help in the creation of a “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) section for the discussion board of the Apostrophe Protection Society.

  • – Portal with links to other sites

  • Joanna Gutmann Training
        Publications including Pocket Punctuation – tips for good punctuation

  • HTML Character Entities. Referred to by Paul Doherty (Forum poster)
         Charts to determine the named or numerical HTML codes for special character entities.

  • That be Bristle Referred to by Angel (Forum poster)
         The Bristolian Dialect.

  • The Global Language Monitor Referred to by Dave (Forum poster)
         The Number of Words in the English Language.