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Katherine, Princess (daughter of Edward IV) Aug 14

Kelsey, Henry Nov 24

Kidbrooke School Feb 23

Kidd, Captain William Mar 25, May 23

King's House Mar 4, Aug 21

Knox-Johnston, Sir Robin Mar 17


Laban Centre, Deptford Feb 12, Oct 15

Ladies Hall May 4

Lady Day Mar 25

La Hogue, battle of, 1692 May 16

Lanier, Nicholas Jan 12

Lavinia, Dowager Duchess of Bolton see Fenton, Lavinia

Lawrence, Stephen Apr 22

Lawrence, Sir Thomas Jan 7

Le Notre, Andre Mar 12

Leap Year Day Feb 29

Lemmon, Ald. B. Jul 2

Lewis, Cecil Day (See: Day-Lewis, Cecil)

Lewis, Jason Jul 12, Oct 6

Lewisham, Air raid, World War One Oct 17

Air raid, World War II Jul 28

Lewisham Rail Crash Dec 4

Lewisham Railway Station Dec 4

Linton, Hercules May 15, Nov 22

Locker-Lampson, Frederick May 29

London Borough of Greenwich Apr 1

London Marathon Mar 29

Longitude Act, 1714 Jul 8

Louis XII, King of France Aug 13

Louis, Prince Imperial see Napoleon Eugene Louis

Louisa, Princess (daughter of George II) Apr 16

Richard Lovelace Apr 29, Dec 5

Loyal Greenwich Volunteers Jan 1

Lucas, Edward Verrell Jun 12

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