Charlton House

Charlton House

Welcome to Greenwich Guide!

Greenwich Guide is a guide to the sights and attractions of Greenwich and Charlton, London, England. It is intended mainly for visitors to the area and past and present residents who are interested in the story of this historic part of London. If you intend to visit the area, you are advised to travel by public transport; there is very little parking space, especially in central Greenwich.

I am Alan Palmer, of Charlton, London, England. I wrote this site for fun, not profit, and I am not an expert on Greenwich and Charlton, merely a Greenwich resident who is proud of his home town. Whilst I believe that all facts given in this site are true, I cannot be held responsible for any errors.

Please use the Feedback page If you find any errors or have any problems with the site. I have no "inside information" on Greenwich's sights and attractions. Please don't ask me questions such as "Is the Cutty Sark open on Christmas Day?" or "Will the Blackwall Tunnel be open a week next Thursday?". Try their Web sites (or, in the latter case, the Transport for London site). See the Links page for addresses of many of the sites.

Please note: Several people have contacted me asking for details of accommodation and/or restaurants in Greenwich. I do not show this at present as the site is based on my personal knowledge. Since I live in Charlton I have no need of other accommodation and I only rarely eat out in Greenwich. For these reasons I don't think I can supply sufficient information. However if any hotels, guesthouses or restaurants in Greenwich would care to contact me I will see if I can add their information to my pages.

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