Last update: 23 April 2008
(Not-the-APS Message Board)


This site is set up for those who post on the forum at the Apostrophe Protection Society website.

A new forum has also been set up by forumer Paul Doherty as an off-shoot of the Apostrophe Protection Society (although not officially connected with it) to discuss word-related matters that are not specifically dealing with apostrophes. It is the Not-the-APS Message Board.

This site was originally set up by forum member Tony from Sweden (TfS) but because of pressures on space and other commitments he has had to discontinue running the site. It has therefore been taken over by another poster, Alan Palmer. If you have any suggestions for additions to the site please contact me by email, [email protected].

Another related site is the one run by Verbivore which contains the Apostrophe and Language Dungeons.

See also the APS Forum FAQ.