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Greenwich Day by Day is written by David Male and is published on this site by permission. Copyright © 2005 David Male.

Queens House
Queen's House, National Maritime Museum. See Dec 12

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I am most grateful to Ms Alison Weir for allowing me to quote from her works: Henry VIII: King and Court Jonathan Cape, 2001: p116 Christmas in Tudor times. . . [Dec 25] and p348 - On 10th September [1533] and Elizabeth the Queen Pimlico, 1999: pp336-337 - the knighting of Sir Francis Drake at Deptford [Apr 4, 1581].

I am most grateful for the generous help received from fellow members of the Greenwich Tour Guides Association, in particular: Don Simms (it had been Don's idea to publish a monthly list of day/dates as a useful tool to Greenwich Tour Guides and some of the Greenwich Days here listed emanated from his research); Stanley Payne, Gerry Cohen and Roger McLean. I am most grateful for the advice and assistance given by David Harris, of the Greenwich Foundation; and by Julian Watson and Frances Ward and to other members of staff of the Greenwich Local History Department, all of whom came to my rescue several times. I wish to acknowledge my debt to Dr Robert Massey, Astronomy Information Officer of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, for the detail of the Transit of Venus on 8 June 2004.

Before completing the MS I was, and am, greatly indebted to two esteemed local historians: Mr. Neil Rhind, M.B.E. and the late Mr. Alan Pearsall, I.S.O., who were both equally kind, complimentary and helpful. Their useful, sensible and generous comments gave me the impetus to complete the work and I thank them both most sincerely.

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